Daria Shishkalova

Architect of the Space
Body-Oriented Psychotherapist

The physical pain that conventional medicine proved unable to classify paved my path to the body-oriented psychotherapy.
I started learning about body-oriented psychotherapy and studying it
in the Short-Term Strategic Psychotherapy Academy in Sergey Maslovsky’s class.
Developing the awareness of my body, expanding the limits of my consciousness, and supporting others in these efforts have turned into my lifestyle quite quickly and naturally.
Now I am greatly enjoying my advances both in the business environment and in the world of body-oriented psychotherapy.
Body-oriented psychotherapy boosts the level of consciousness that encourages me to grow, develop, and support those who feel like finding the answers to their inquiries in body-oriented psychotherapy.
I am genuinely grateful to all my customers for their trust. I value this trust greatly. I am happy each time when the kid of a mom undergoing therapy has his / her tonsil or adenoid removal surgery canceled, when hand mobility is restored, when the customer changes the way he / she walks, when his / her voice becomes louder, when the customer learns to say “no”, gets rid of panic attacks, or when his / her life changes. Each story provides inspiration. Huge thanks to all those who have helped me, whether directly or consequentially, discover body-oriented psychotherapy, have coached or are coaching me how to live in a body that is free and your own.