Elena Glukhova

Body-Oriented Psychotherapist
Unit Manager

All the emotions we have felt since our very birth are imprinted into our body as a variety of spasms in the body. This leads to psychological blocks, and hence – to a medical disorder.
Contemporary medicine removes the consequence, and yet the root cause remains. After some time, this disorder will show up again… and you can keep going round in circles until the root cause is duly addressed.
Our body is like a map that I will be reading in order to help you.
I will help you remove psychological blocks, work out your traumas, and take out the emotions accumulated in your body non-invasively. You will feel light both physically and emotionally. As a result, your entire body will be rehabilitated, and multiple issues and problems in your life will be solved as a bonus.
Sincerely yours, Elena Glukhova.