Lika Ramus

Vocal Therapist
Unit Manager

I have dedicated most of my life to music and singing. I studied, practiced, and taught in various locations across the globe.
As an expert, I collaborated with such shows as The Voice on Channel One, Songs on TNT (Russian TV Channel), and some other projects. As I was gaining experience, I realized that a voice is not just about the vocal cords / breathing / diaphragm / ear. A voice is how a person sounds in space. How the person’s body and mind sound.
Diagnosing the bodily and psychological blocks / triggers:
Analyzing private inquiries: certain issues can be resolved during the counseling session, and you will have to work out the rest at home based on the instructions provided during the counseling session.
Only those things that are good specifically for you, specifically at this very moment, specifically for your relevant inquiry (exercises for your voice and body with a focus on the problem area).
During practice and pursuit, you continuously discover something that may seem quite simple at first and ultimately proves to be incredibly enriching and amazingly complex.
Working with the voice is among the most critical components of body-oriented psychotherapy as your body sounds through your voice. You can use your voice to remove the most complex blocks / triggers, discover hidden fears and emotions, clean up your body from accumulated sensations and feelings that you are unwilling to abandon, and de-create the unnecessary.
The voice is the mirror of our nature – it shows the meaning of our existence as living beings, and we use it to work our way through life.
• When you work on your sound, you may be able to show your real voice.
• Sound distinct, special, like no other.
• Your life will turn into an integrated whole, you will become interesting for yourself and for the people around.
• You will be able to control the attention of your interlocutor or of a whole audience.
• Enjoy the sound of your voice!
• Sound like no other!