Oksana Sechmen

Breath Therapist
Unit Manager

I help people overcome stress and restore vitality.
The customers seek emotional stability and vitality when they come to see me.
Guys, I cannot paint your reality pink, and yet I can give you the tools that will help you cope with this life.
I teach how to manage the energy of your body without resorting to meditation, mysticism and esotery.
I use a science-based approach and the breathing techniques developed by scientists.
I will teach you how to breathe for your daily purposes.
These are the micro and mini breathing techniques from 10 seconds to 10 minutes long.
They have been developed for those who never have any free time.
You can use them anywhere:
— during a stressful meeting in order to relax
— to create a margin of safety in the run-up to major trials, such as litigations, defense of the graduation thesis, preparation for surgery, etc…
— to silence the “voices in your head” that prevent you from falling asleep.
I am a college faculty member certified for the GPBA (Global Professional Breathwork Alliance) International Standard.
It is 15 years now that I have had my practice and taught breathing techniques. I have flushed the lungs for the participants in the Let me sing! show on Channel One. I am giving training sessions in the Morning Star Academy in Ostankino.
Similar to my customers, I have to live in the rhythm of the city suffering from emotional overload, stress and lack of time. The breathing techniques that I teach have changed my life for the better.
I hope that this knowledge will help you on your path to a happier life.